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A Whimsical Destination Wedding With A Bride In A Floral-filled Lehenga (Suraj & Mili)


Hitting the right cords between traditional and modern sensibilities, sahil & mili had a destination wedding which got postponed due to Covid, only to be celebrated with enough pomp & show later. And these wedding intangibles pinned right here, are proof!

Their union was a mix bag of colours, emotions, and some ogle-worthy details. And tbh, if you ask us, it was mili's sartorial choices that topped our list of favorites. From her floral-filled bridal lehenga, with personalised butterfly charms to her multi-coloured chunky jewellery, everything was spot on! What further got us aww-ing was the couple’s adorable love story, the heartfelt moments & everything in between, captured through the lens of GP PRODUCTION

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