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A true photographer wants to try to capture the real essence of a human being.

GP PRODUCTION truly believe that every love story is a fairytale in itself and sometimes to be treasured amongst the noises of everyday life. We put our heart into collecting the special moments and presenting this fairytale for everyone to see! Founded by Gyanendra Patidar, GP PRODUCTION specializes in luxuries wedding photography, destination weddings and wedding films with an artistic & personal touch. 

Today, we have a full-time team of very dedicated, hard working photographers, cinematographers and editors. The learning curve of GP PRODUCTION is really very high and we are proud to say that we have brought a whole new level of quality, finesse and perfection into the world of weddings. We believe in customising every little detail right from the way the photographs are processed to the kind of music that goes into the films. We believe that no two weddings are the same, so why should the wedding memories be ? we do not take up multiple wedding projects and give personal attention to each project both before and after the shoot. We are all a very passionate bunch of people who have similar thoughts and ideologies, all in all, we love working together!

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