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From a tropical boho Mehndi to a grand ‘Atlantis city’-themed Wedding Reception (Ankit & Kriti)

The couple opted to host their Wedding and Reception at Four Points, They envisioned each of their functions to be intricately designed with stunning decor and unique elements to dazzle and engage the guests.


Hailing from the quaint shores of Jaipur, the groom wanted the wedding to reflect his family history and heritage against their love for the coast. Brimming with exotic flowers and tropical greens, the decor included everything from oyster shells, corals and pearls to exquisite ivory statues that took one on a fantastical journey of the ocean. Huge French windows, green canopies hung with lounge lights and luxurious chandeliers added to the grandeur. The bride and groom arrived and welcome of sparklers for the traditional nuptials. The wedding stage was a striking creation of white and red flowers, with magnificent flower Rangolis surrounding it.

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